Posted on 14th April 2020

We are excited to welcome you to our new blog! We look forward to sharing more information and experiences about Grange House Day Nursery.

At Grange House we believe in providing a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for all children. We promote child-led learning and our practitioners provide exciting environments that allow the children to investigate and explore the world around them.

For the first blog post we would like to share with you, a typical day at Grange House.

We are open from 7.30am, the children are greeted by practitioners from this time. Until 8.45am the children take part in activities such as drawing, reading books, playing in the role play area and playing with blocks, cars, dolls, trains, animals and puzzles!
At 9am we have breakfast! With a selection of cereals to choose from, alongside a choice of wholemeal toast, crumpets, yoghurts and fruit - all washed down with a drink of milk!
After breakfast the children take part in 'self-registration', a time where the children sign themselves in using photographs and name cards. The children talk with their key worker about the day of the week, the month, the weather and their feelings - and also share exciting news with their friends!

After registration the children take part in a number of activities - some adult-led and some child initiated. The staff plan exciting activities that are in line with each invidual's level of development and importantly their interests!

After a busy morning of activities the children continue their fun learning in the garden. The garden is an exciting place for the children, with lots to do and the children are active as they run around the garden area, exploring toys and resources such as bikes, cars, trikes, sandpit, mud kitchen, climbing frame, slides, see-saws, the reading shed, footballs and much more...
The garden allows the children to be physically active and we promote an active lifestyle alongside the healthy food options that we provide at nursery.

After outdoor play the children come inside for circle time in which they play games, share news, listen to stories, play instruments and sing nursery rhymes... the possibilities at circle time are endless!
At 12pm the children have their lunch. We offer a delicious range of home-cooked meals and puddings at nursery, freshly prepared by our qualified and dedicated cook Gel. We have a rolling 4 week menu offering a variety of foods (we also cater for allergies and dietary requirements).

After lunch some of the children go for a sleep/rest. The children that are awake take part in activities of their choosing (child-initiated) - favourite activities across the nursery are painting, messy play, building with lego/duplo, playing with dolls, train tracks and car garages!

At 2pm the children take part in more adult-led and child-initiated activities, whilst also taking part in more outdoor play.
At 3.30pm we have afternoon tea. A light meal or snack, such as sandwiches and veg sticks, beans on toast, soup and bread rolls. Once afternoon tea is finished the children enjoy more story times and activities with their key worker, until hometime.

As you can see, it's a busy day at nursery, alongside the above mentioned, the pre-school children also take part in French lessons and Diddi Drama sessions. We also enjoy visiting the local community, especially Little Sutton library and the local garden centre. We also enjoy learning about different cultures and celebrations from around the world and enjoy learning more by inviting guests into nursery to talk about various lifestyles, professions etc, as well as learning more through our activities and role play areas.

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