Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Re-Opening Nursery

Posted on 22nd May 2020

Q.  When are you planning to re-open Nursery ?
A.  In line with Government Guidelines we are working very hard to re-open on 1st June 2020.  This may be subject to change and we will endeavour to keep you updated via Capture Education and our Blog.  

Q.  What will we be doing to help protect children, parents and staff against Corona Virus ?
We always take health and safety seriously and we are currently putting measures in place to provide the safest possible setting in line with Government guidelines.   There will be some obvious differences that you will see such as social distancing controls when dropping off and collecting your children.  Parents will be asked not to enter the Nursery.  There will be some additional procedures in place such as temperature monitoring and hand washing upon arrival.  The learning environment will also change to allow for smaller groups of children with a Nursery Practioner.  There will be increased hand washing facilities and staff and children will wash their hands more frequently during the day.  Cleaning of surfaces and equipment will be undertaken regularly throughout the day.

Q.  Will the activities and equipment change ?
A.  There will be some changes.  Only equipment that is easy to clean regularly will be available to the children.  Items that are difficult to clean pose a higher risk to infection and have been removed and replaced with different equipment.  We would also ask that children don't bring any toys in from home as these may pose an increased risk.  We will also be activities that increase the risk of cross contamination such as messy play, sand and water play.  Lots of new activities have been devised to provide children with lots of fun and learning, which help them to adjust and understand the changes that are going on around them right now.  Outside equipment will be cleaned after each used so there will be a limit on equipment outside, but there will be plenty of game playing, nature activities and exploring taking place during outside play.  

Q. How will social distancing be managed in nursery?
We will ask all families to respect social distancing when arriving at Nursery for drop off and collection and we would ask you to allow a little more time to help us to complete our checks upon arrival.  Inside the Nursery social distancing is more difficult for early years, therefore, to limit the risk, children will be in small groups and will be spaced out in the rooms.  We will be avoiding movement of children and staff between rooms or within communal spaces.  Access to the outside will be increased as much as possible but will be carefully managed to allow groups of children to access outdoor play activities in their own groups to limit cross contamination.

Q.  Will staff be wearing face masks ?
A.  The guidance does not stipulate that staff should wear mask's when working with young children.  However, as a precaution, for initial drop off the staff greeting the children and taking their temperature will be wearing a face mask.  Staff will also wear a mask at collection time.

Staff within rooms with children will not wear face masks. We feel this is a balanced approach to ensuring a more familiar environment for the children and we know that facial expression and a friendly smile is so important for the children to help them adjust to the changes at the moment.

Q.  What happens if a child shows symptoms of Corona Virus ?
A.  If a child shows symptoms of Corona Virus while at Nursery they will be immediately removed to a separate area with a member of staff who will be wearing additional precautionary P.P.E. This will include include an apron, mask, nitrile gloves and goggles.  Nursery policy and procedure which has already been provided in our information sheet for parents..

Q. How will the children return to Nursery safely ?
We have decided on a phased return.  The first children to return on the 1st June 2020 will be in the Pre-school and Toddler Group for those parents who are key workers.  At a later date we will be expanding our provision for non key worker children and babies.  We understand that circumstances have changed for many people.  Your child will not have to return straight away if that does not fit in with your personal circumstances.. 

Q.  If I don't return straight away will I be charged?
A.  If you do want a place but want to delay your return, then a retainer can be paid to secure your place for the future.  Due to the new guidelines places will be more limited than before.  Therefore, the only way to guarantee your place for the future will be to pay a retainer.  Please be aware that these may be limited too and once they are filled we will have a waiting list.  

Q. My circumstances have changed and I no longer require my Nursery place, am I required to give four weeks notice?
We understand that circumstances will have changed for many.  In the current climate you will not be required to give 4 weeks notice.   If you have decided not to return to Nursery please confirm this in writing or by email and a member of staff will confirm that we have received your request.

Q.  My child is due to start soon, will my original start date still stand ?
A.  As soon as you confirm your start date we will contact you to confirm your place.  The start date may be subject to change due to our phased return from 1st June 2020

Q.  We are a new family and would like to have a look around the Nursery, how do we do this and when can we visit ?
A.  Ordinarily we would be proud to show off our Nursery during normal working hours but due to current restrictions we are unable to allow you to visit the Nursery during the day.  If you would like a tour of the Nursery we would be happy to allow one person to come in after hours so that we can show you around and answer any questions you may have.  As you can appreciate these are exceptional times and we feel it is important to minimise unnecessary contact for the staff and the children in our care.

Q. I have sent in a registration form to secure a place, when will I know that I have been successful and have a place for my child?
We are delighted that you have chosen Grange House Day Nursery.  We are monitoring all enquiries and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I hope that these FAQ's have helped a little.  Please feel free to forward any other questions you may have and we will do our best to answer them.  Please understand that we are receiving updates daily and therefore the information on this blog is subject to change.

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